Ahm tells us of the Great Nothingness before She and the Stillness seperated; and She brought into being space and the Realm."  
                 Exerpt from The Book of Creation
"A true and loving Parent has no wish for their child to Worship them for the gift of Life.  They wish only for the well being of their child and  hope for Love."

                                    The Goddess Athanasia
Know that the Goddess Gaia when She created this World named it Vathnia. Which means "deep water".  She is offended by the name which it is being called now.  It means "dirt" and She considers it an insult to all Her beautiful work.
Creation has been the domain of the Goddesses since the Goddess Ahm first Became.  The Sacred Female has and will always give Life.  For males to try and claim the ability to create life is beyond a sacrilege.  It is unthinkable.
Why is Our Society In Chaos?
Have you ever wondered why we are always at war?  Why there is no common ground and reasoning that we can function and operate our society under? It's mostly because of who's running everything.
Consider this.  Just in evolutionary terms, the male is an unfit leader.  The male evolved to perform three primary functions.  Sex, Hunting and War.  They impregnated the females, hunted food for the village and protected the villiage.  You can argue that this was a natural evolution or a guided evolution, but it hardly matters in this context. It is what it is.
The female in contrast, has a much wider range of responsibility and must be much more flexible.  She gives birth to the children (the next generation), raises and teaches them, she's in charge of the home, oganising everything. She, along with the other females, run the villiage and make all of the decision for the good of all.  She knows the art of compromise and negotiation. She is dexterious and can create better surroundings.
When the males began to run businesses, they unfortunately, ran them like a battle.  Their object was to win, not just to suceed.  They don't seem to see any difference in the two.  They also see no problem in sacrificing lives to the corp. war in order to win.  They also sacrifice humanity in the process.
Don't get me wrong.  They aren't the only problem.  They've had a lot of help.
​Adions Betrayal
The one you have known all your life as "God" is an Archangel. His name is Adion. He was the bond mate of the Goddess Herrisa.  You knew Her as Hera.  He has used many names throughout our history.  He has portrayed himself as a God and our Creator.  His fellow Archangels have also enjoyed the fruits of their "labors" and bask in the adulation of the misguided people of this world. The ones who have worship and loved our very murderers.

For they are our murders.  That is most heinous lie they have perpatrated on us.  Their claim that they are our gods and creators, when they are our murderers.

During the time of the Goddess Herrissas' groups overseeing of our development, Adion discovered he could gain power through absorbing our souls.  He shared this with all of his officers.  They grew drunk, perhaps addicted to the power.  When the Goddesses discovered what they were doing, they were sickened and heartbroken.  They called for assistance.  Over half of the legions stood to the Goddesses defence, until the Archangel Lucifer, his officers and their legions arrived.

Adion and his army were greatly out numbered. Rather than give in or run, they made the decision to capture the main science/supply ship; what would become know in the christian bible as the "Ark"; for it held specimens and dna samples of all life on the planet.  It held the labratories and the Angelica and Priestesses trained in the sciences to manipulate and change dna.  To shape and guide the lifeforms of each world.

When the ship was secured, they slaughtered all the life on Vathnia and consumed their power. The immense surge of power Adion and his followers received gave them the advantage in the battle and they forced back the other Archangels and their legions.  It was a slaughter.

The Goddesses were shocked and inconsolable over the betrayal and the massive amount of death.  Athanasia finally ordered Lucifer to pull back.  There was nothing left  to save.  The object was just to contain the evil now.

Since then we have been just that. Contained. Vathnia is under a kind of embargo.  Apparently though, space has it's own form of blockade runners.  Adions evil is threatening to spread now.

And Vathnia and all the life on it?  He used the "Ark" ship and the Angelic and Priestess hostages to reseed the planet.  He did need changes. To keep Him and his army "fed", life here could no longer be immortal.  The lifecycle needed to be swift and procreation increased.  The whole be fruitful and multiply thing.  He also made sure that our species was much more violent.  He completely changed our society.  Villified females.  Everything glorified war and battle.  He needed  "man" to die in hordes.

So he wiped out our past and wrote a new one. I realize this is a bare bones, extremely condensed version of what occured.  The complete details are in "The Book of Truth".   The point is, our past and present is a lie.  We have been led to believe in false gods who are not only not gods, but who have take are lives and are consuming our souls.
Most of todays Religions tell of a great war or a great disaster that occured at some point in our past.  They speak of great death.  Strangely, many speak of extremely long lives before this disaster and drastically reduced lifespans afterwards.  They offer no explaination for this.  Additionally, the cause of the event is very vague and differs between different Religions.

The real truth of all of this is revealed in "The Book of Truth" by the Goddess Athanasia to the High Priestess Lady Shiryan.  A shortened version will be posted here to help explain to those unfamiliar with the story.
After the Goddess Gaia had completed the creation of the world of Vathnia (yes, what you've always called earth), She and Her people moved on.  The Goddess Athanasia came with Her group and brought lifeforms from other worlds to seed this world.  Seven species were brought here.  They were each placed in different areas of the planet and allowed to breed and watched.  As they multiplied and spread, they were slowly allowed to enter breed.
All of this was overseen by Goddesses that were part of Athanasias group and their Archangel Bond Mates.  Each Archangel brought his own Legion with him and there were numerious Angelica and Priestess' with them.
I would also like to point out one very import fact at this time.
All sentient life on this world was Immortal at this time.  Not just the Goddesses and Angelica and Priestesses, but the seven species and crosses.  ALL were Immortal.  This was before the great war or catastrophy.  

Afterwards, the seven species and their crosses were all mortal.  Has anyone ever ask why?  Has a Christian ever really ask why a loving God/Father would viciously and heartlessly kill every life he had created?  You can't honestly say he was destroying Sin.  He destroyed all of the animals....they were innocent.  He killed all the unborn, the babies and the children....they too were innocent.  Could any parent on this planet do that? Besides a sociopath?

If you read through most of the religious books with a completely open mind, you will find that most of these "Gods" will fall into certain catagories within the human population.  They display many signs of psychotic behavior.  They are far from loving and stable.